Stunning Save the Date eCard Ideas to unleash your creativity
Stunning Save the Date eCard Ideas to unleash your creativity

If you’re planning to incorporate the save the date ecards for weddings, ensure that you do it as soon as possible. Sending all the guests you want in your wedding, save the date cards well in advance to help them reserve that day specifically for your big day is one of the sweetest gestures and gives them a glimpse of what to anticipate. 

If you have family or friends living in a different country or the outskirts of the town, giving these ecards allows them enough time to book their tickets, take days off work, and plan their stay at hotels well in advance. If you’ve planned a full-scale destination wedding, it is best to send out your save date ecards six months before your D-Day, yet for a more local wedding, a notice of four months is well in advance. 

Yet, before you send out save date ecards to your entire guest list, there are several crucial steps that you have to take to make sure that these ecards make an impact on your guests. Ensure that you sort out all the details right from the start. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you would require to book a venue and several seats, and to make the best use of your investment; it would be better to invite some more people to your wedding as many might decline the invite. These small details are also crucial to note when you are sending out your ecards.

How to make wedding planning easier using Save the Date eCards?

It’s fascinating to know that there is so much hype surrounding save date ecards, and what better news than knowing that they are worth all the hype! So if you’re someone looking for an easier way to choose a design and a more time-friendly and cost-friendly option, then you will surely love the save date ecards. Apart from this, you will also be able to add the wedding date to your guests’ calendars directly with no risk of guesting, mistaking it for some other day and saving the wrong weekend for your big day, or even losing the card you send offline.

Along with these, connecting with guests over text updates all at once becomes so much easier online. Be it helping them out with their tickets or giving them information about the venue, or sending reminders or last-minute changes – all of it can be done together in an organized way instead of making you feel all over the place.  

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What will be included in the Save the Date eCards

Usually, the save date cards are straightforward and to the point, but you can play with the negative spacing and language to make it different and tacky. These are the five areas you need to cover while curating your ecard:


Names of the Couple

Write the full names of the couple in the middle. Usually, the bride’s name comes first, followed by the groom’s name. In homosexual relationships, if you’re confused about who’s a name to put first, you can place the names using alphabetical order.

Big Day Date

You will not need to write details about the time of the wedding ceremony as you can include it in the wedding invitations. Instead, mention only the date of your D day.


The Location

If it is a destination wedding, you can mention the city, state, or country while leaving the venue to be included in the wedding invitations.  


URL of the Wedding Website

You can include the URL in the save date ecards if you have created a wedding website. This URL can land them on your site for updates.


Official Invitation to Follow

Let your guests know that the invitation doesn’t end here, and a bigger and official invitation is soon going to be sent to them over mail sometime closer to the wedding.

Save Date Ecard Ideas

Whether you want an elegant formal save the date or a more chic casual look, you can choose a template suiting your wedding plans. You can get playful with wording, go with the minimal trend, incorporate golden writings, and experiment the way you want to.


Formal Florals

If you want to give that formal touch with a splash of colors, then florals are here for the win. These are beautiful to look at, elegant, and are always a popular choice. Use bold fonts, elegant designs with floral boundaries or backgrounds, making the save date ecard look fresh and charming.

Incorporate Your Best Couple Photo

If you have proposal pictures or couple shoot pictures that you’ve always wanted to show off, then this is the right place to do so! These photos make the ecards speak only your story giving the much-needed personalized touch to it.

Save the Date eCards

Casual and Fun

Incorporate a not-so-serious approach in your save date ecards by making them light-hearted and casual. You can make references that your friends and family understand, which will make all of them look forward to a casual and fun wedding party. 

save the date ecards for wedding

Minimalistic Magic

Break off from the traditional approach and use minimalism to make your save date ecard look refined, minimal with a luxurious end. With this simplistic design, the emphasis falls more on the wordings piquing the interest of the guests. 

Digital Art or Illustration

Include Digital Art or Illustration

What can be better than having a custom cartoon portrait or Illustration of you and your partner up on your save date ecards? These are special and make it more colorful and delightful to the eyes as it strays away from the traditional approaches.

The save date wedding ecards are the first impression you leave on your guests; hence you must make it worthwhile. Hence you can take help from professional designers too. At Invitemart, guide you with designs, templates, colors, textures to come up with customized save the date ecards apart from presenting you a diverse range of samples and templates to choose from. 

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