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Make Digital Birthday Invitation Card and Birthday Invitation Video for WhatsApp

Do you need an invitation to friends for birthday party? It can seem like a difficult but fun effort to organise a birthday celebration. Without guests, no party would be complete. So, after creating the guest list, send out invitations to your loved ones. yet how? An excellent choice is printed birthday party invitation cards. However, why not try something different with our Digital Birthday Invitation Card Online, you can stylishly invite all of your friends and throw a fantastic birthday party.

Happy birthday invitation card online:-

Everyone has to be aware that using invitation cards to welcome and invite guests is a great idea. additionally to going to a specific occasion, event, or celebration. They serve as a vehicle for expressing gratitude and a sense of community with a particular person or group. The words on invitation cards serve to show how important the guest is to the host. They virtually entice the guest to come to the event or occasion by thrilling them.

Don’t worry if your birthday party has a certain theme in mind. With a variety of theme-based birthday invitation cards, InviteMart has you covered. Choose a subject and inform the skilled designers of it. They deliver the ideal design for the invitation cards you want. A photo or digital caricature can be used to create a birthday invitation card. Additionally, these cards come in any religious language and are delivered in 3 to 4 working hours. These invitations can also be found in pdf, jpg, gif, and video forms. With InviteMart, you can create a birthday invitation card in marathi, hindi, or any other language.

Furthermore, to give your birthday invitations a unique touch. We can add a picture of the birthday boy or girl onto one of our customizable templates. Alternately, our team can start from scratch and provide a unique design that better fits the theme.

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How to Make birthday invitation card online?

(How to make a fast online birthday party invitation)


Step 1

From our website or mobile app, select the template or style of your customized birthday invitation card.


Step 2

Include details about the birthday party event (date, venue, function details, upload pictures, etc.)


Step 3

Make an online payment. Bank transfers, GooglePay/PayTm, PhonePay, UPI, and Paypal are all possible payment methods.


Step 4

After receiving your order, our designer will contact you and work tirelessly to meet and surpass your expectations.


Step 5

Within 24 working hours, you should receive your birthday invitation card or video via WhatsApp or through email.

Advantages of electronic birthday invitations include

If you intend to throw your child’s birthday celebration. Here are some advantages of choosing digital invitations:

  • Numerous pre-built birthday party invitation card templates are available, ranging from those for a child’s first birthday to those for adults with a variety of party themes.
  • Convenient: To begin with, an electronic birthday invitation card is significantly simpler to mail or distribute to the recipients. You can send by email or share on a number of social media sites, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Second, digital invitations for birthday parties are simple to make and distribute to guests via WhatsApp or any other social media platform. It only takes a few working hours to complete the process.
  • Thirdly, one of the most important advantages of sending out digital invitations is that you won’t have to shell out a lot of cash. Going paperless is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. You may always hire us because InviteMart is the top website for making birthday invitation cards if you don’t think you have the creativity to come up with eye-catching designs.
  • Birthday Save the Date Invitations Made Beautiful with InviteMart. Our digital birthday invites have beautiful designs and accurately capture the feelings associated with any significant event or occasion. We also provide a huge selection of exquisitely made templates. Additionally, you can edit the content and images on birthday invitations. Create a first birthday invitation card using the most reputable and well-known online platform for creating birthday invitations.
  • Throw the ideal birthday celebration by using the Invitemart-provided animated birthday invitation video for Whatsapp! Even a video birthday invitation is available from Invitemart’s professionals.
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