Mundan Ceremony Invitations

Mundan Ceremony Invitations

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Mundan Ceremony Invitations

The mundan ceremony happens to be one of the rituals conducted by Hindus at a key point in a baby’s life. The baby’s first natural hair after birth is tonsured as it is a belief that this natural hair carries undesirable traits of the past life that the baby ought to leave back as the baby enters into a new journey of life. Hence, the entire ceremony acts as a purification ceremony for the baby.

Why Get a Digital Mundan Invitation Card?

As it is a crucial and important ceremony, it is conducted on an auspicious day, and celebrated amidst friends and family. As this celebration is a milestone, you would also require to invite all your guests, friends and family members for this celebration. But, without a proper and attractive Mundan Ceremony Invitation Card, the guests might not feel connected and what success can an event be without your guests being present? So whether you’re planning a huge mundan ceremony for your baby or keeping it simplistic, short and simple – ensure that you invite your guests in a professional manner yet with a personal touch that strikes a chord in their heart. Using the Mundan Ceremony Invitation Cards by Invitemart to reach out to the people you want to invite can actually make your invitations stand out!

As you might be excited for your baby’s mundan ceremony, the immediate next question that should come to your mind should be how to design your Mundan Ceremony Invitation Card for making this special day of your child successful? Well, let Invitemart guide you with the process of designing a card that fits perfectly for your event and for the occasion too!

 Perks to Avail Our Mundan Ceremony Invitations

 1) You can choose from a varied range of colors for the background: As the card happens to be for a baby, ensure that you use colors that are bright and eye-catching colours. As it is also an auspicious occasion, these bright tones will compliment the ceremonious day as well. Make use of bright yellow or red or orange for your card to make it stand out. Apart from that, you can also explore the colors associated with babies like pastel hues of lavender, pastel blue, pink, yellow, or sage green. Invitemart provides you ample options for colors to choose from and shows you samples and templates with beautiful hues and tones to make it easier for you to choose a card.

2) You can add a photo of your baby: We at Invitemart encourage you to include the photo of your baby on the invitation card. This makes the invitation card specifically for your own baby, and just including a cute picture of your baby can light up the card like no design can. Hence, getting a mundan invitation card with photo is becoming a trend. You can include this photo right at the middle of the card while writing all the details below it. The templates that we provide have spacing’s right at the centre so that it stays as the center of focus of the card while all the other aspects of the card compliment this photograph.

3) You can make a Mundan ceremony invitation video – If you’re already opting for making a Mundan Ceremony Card Online, let us make you consider some more options! There are a variety of invitation modes available at Invitemart. You can also consider making a Whatsapp Mundan Ceremony Invitation Video for your child instead of sticking to the usual card option or go for PDF and GIF options. You can also add a sweet music of your choice from the ample number of tunes we provide for the video’s audio while creating the video. This will engage both the appeal to both visual and auditory senses of the audience, making them keener to open the invitation while looking forward to attending your baby’s big day.

4) You can personalise your Mundan ceremony invitation card:

If you wish to make changes in the template or the samples, the option for customisation at Invitemart is easier than you can think of. Getting your paperless and digital Mundan Ceremony Invitation Card customised by including some quotes or lines from poems or books of your liking too, can be done when you’re redesigning the cards at Invitemart. Adding two or three lines of your choice also gives a personal touch to the invitation making the guests feel more involved in your baby’s special day.

Get Your Unique Mundan Ceremony Invitations Customized Today!

If you’re unsure about how to customise your own invitation card, you can take help from Invitemart, one of the best mundan ceremony invitation card maker where you can choose from ample samples and customise it according to your needs with constant assistance from our side. So if you need someone to guide you, you know where to go!