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GIF Invitation

A GIF is a combination of several pictures stacked in a single image file format. The multiple images in a single frame are displayed continuously to create an animated effect. GIF invitations are all the rage right now. From weddings to reception and birthday parties, everyone is going gaga over this new trend of inviting people.

GIF Wedding Invite Ideas

Bygone are the days when paper invitations were the be-all of welcoming people. With the advent of the Internet, digital invitations have taken the entire world by storm. Nowadays, instead of opting for bulky and pricey traditional invitation cards, young couples are going green by choosing GIF invitations for their weddings. From minimalist designs to bright and bold layouts, you can choose from our customize wedding invitation GIFs to match the vibe of your big day.

We all know that a picture is equal to a thousand words. Thus, rather than choosing the conventional route, why not go for the ‘road not taken’ and surprise your entire guest list. If the wedding you have planned embodies contemporary finishing and simplistic elements, then you can make a choice from Invitemart’s muted colors and classy elements in your GIF wedding invite design.

Choose the Best GIF Invitation Cards for your Wedding

It is an undeniable fact that everything becomes more accessible with GIF invitations as they are customizable. You can carefully craft and curate digital wedding invitation designs as per your visions. Invitemart’s Wedding Invitation GIF maker is the deal-breaker when it comes to personalized cards. In addition to weddings, you can also decide from our select assortment of GIF invitations for other events like birthdays.

Invitemart offers the most resplendent birthday invitation GIF maker to make your day special and memorable. So, say goodbye to the archaic paper invitations and join the revolution of digital invitations.