Haldi Ceremony

Haldi Ceremony

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Haldi Ceremony Invitation

A wedding in India is never complete without a hint of gold. The Haldi Ceremony, in which members of the family apply a paste made of Haldi to the bride and groom to initiate the wedding process, is one of the most important rituals that mark the beginning of any Indian wedding. This ceremony is celebrated among the closed ones and can be characterized as one of the most underrated ceremonies of Indian Weddings. But nowadays, the modern couple wants to make every ceremony related to their wedding look astounding. So, Haldi invitation cards are gaining prominence these days. An excellent Indian Haldi invitation card must include appealing artwork, a proportionate design, and appropriate language.

Yellow is a purifying color for the soul

Turmeric is thought to be effective in removing evil omens as per Indian beliefs. Turmeric paste is administered to the bride and groom before the Wedding to ward off any evil spirits that may be present, allowing them to begin their new life in a pure state. Opting for a yellow-themed Haldi invitation card is a great idea to incorporate elegance. You can find these Indian Haldi invitation cards with us.

Customizable range of Haldi ceremony invitation card

One can gain inspiration for a stunning traditional style Haldi ceremony invitation card by looking at the prevalent design patterns in our society. You can find exquisite Haldi invitation templates and unique designs in our extensive collection of invitation cards. If you have any design, pattern, or color in your mind, you can also customize it with us. Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed by us!