Guide for designing your Ring Ceremony Invitation Cards
Guide for designing your Ring Ceremony Invitation Cards

A ring ceremony is one of the most special days where all the promises you have made to your partner take the physical form. It acts as a visual reminder for all the vows that you will be taking with your partner when starting a beautiful journey of togetherness. This is one of the most emotional moments and the most important one in their wedding timeline for most couples.

A ring ceremony is similar to the engagement parties of Western cultures and has its roots in Asian cultures. The idea of the ring exchange is to promise devotion and faith to one’s partner. These ceremonies include exchanging rings between the bride and groom in front of their close-knit group of friends, relatives, and family members.

Being an intimate affair between families, the love and warmth are shared further by exchanging gifts. Couples can choose to depart from the traditional way of celebrating it as a small affair and make the ceremony larger by celebrating in a bigger banquet hall.

What are the must-have in Your Ring Ceremony Invitation Cards?

Whether you choose to have a bigger or smaller event, you will need to send out invitations to those attending this ceremony. Yet while making ring ceremony invitation cards or your engagement invitation cards, there are several details that you would need to bear in mind while starting. These include:

1. Giving Weightage to the Design

You can choose from a myriad range of online design templates and ring ceremony invitation cards samples to find the one that fits your thoughts correctly. It can be templates that resonate with your religious beliefs or just a neutral, modern, non-denominational card. The ring ceremony invitation cards need as much precision as the wedding invitation cards require. As these create the anticipation for the wedding and act as a precursor, it becomes crucial to make them stand out. 

2. Including Motifs or Symbol

Although it is not a necessity, more or less all ring ceremony invitation cards have some form of symbol associated with the idea of engagement. Hence, cards can include symbols like rings, proposals, pairs of doves, a pair of hearts, motifs of a couple holding each other’s hands and symbols that indicate the blooming of love.

3. Details of the Ceremony

You are making a ring ceremony invitation card to put across a set of information. Hence, this information should be the highlight of the invitation cards. This information should include all the key details of the program like the names of the hosts, the names of the engaged couple, blessings from their parents, grandparents and elders, location and venue for the ring ceremony, time and other necessary directional information. 


Suppose you plan to make your ring ceremony a big formal celebration and make all the ring ceremony invitation cards online. In that case, incorporating an RSVP request on your ring ceremony invitation cards becomes crucial. This might not look like a vital step, but this inclusion can make a lot of difference. Using this, you will be able to keep track of all the guests attending your ceremony and make it easier to update and make changes in your plans. Ensure that while including an RSVP request, you also include a due date beside it.

5. Including Your Contact Detail

Include contact details of the hosts, the parents, or siblings on these ring ceremony invitation cards. This step is necessary as it provides your guests with a channel to contact you regarding any information they want regarding the venue, time or the ceremony in general. 

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Ring Ceremony Invitation Card Ideas

If you haven’t made up your mind regarding the design of your invitation cards, then these trendy ideas can help you out.


Including Caricatures

Including caricatures in the ring ceremony invitation cards gives it more fun and casual vibe. These caricatures are smart additions to your ring ceremony invitation cards as they can make the guests chuckle while making them feel involved right from the card receiving moment. 

Including Proposal Pictures

If you had a big proposal with an entire shoot conducted during the process, then this is the place you can use it! Those pictures are perfect for engagement and ring ceremony invitation cards. You can contrast the wording with these pictures to make them stand out too.

Including Digital Illustration

Including Digital Illustration

Be it a Muslim ring exchange or a Roka, you do not need to have one specific card design for all religious ring ceremonies. You can get it customized or choose from the samples that fit your religious ideals the best. Quick digital illustrations can make your card stand out even if you want it to be a reflection of your religious faith. Alongside, these digital illustrations are peppy and sure to make the guests smile the moment they open them.

Break The Stereo types

Break The Stereo types

Who said you couldn’t use black wording on a dark brown background? Or neon streaks for a ring ceremony invitation card? Break all the stereo types and make your design that speaks of your personality. If you cannot choose samples, create one of your own. Ideally, knowing the colour palette is crucial, which allows you to make more informed decisions. You can then break a stereotype of colour usage and play with the colours the way you want to. 

Yet, if you feel it is still a task to create your ring ceremony invitation cards, then taking the help of online invitation card designing companies can help. We provide you with ample samples to choose from to match your requirements and also take up customisations. Hence, if you’re looking to make this day big, invest in good invitation cards that speak of you and your partner’s personality!

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