6 Tips to design your Sikh Invitation Cards
6 Tips to design your Sikh Invitation Cards

Sikh weddings have a different charisma attached to them. Sikh marriage ceremonies are known as ‘Anand Karaj’ and are one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies worldwide. The name indicates a divine union to bring the couple closer to divine love, making it an auspicious event worth celebrating. 

Sikh weddings are weddings that last long and have several rituals intertwined with themselves. There are rituals like formal engagement, Mehendi, the actual marriage ceremony followed by the reception. With so many events lined up and all of them being celebrated grandly, it only makes sense that Sikh wedding invitation cards are designed to project all of these grand and beautiful rituals and practices. 

If you already have the ring on your finger and are proceeding towards your big day, you must stress your Sikh wedding invitation cards as they are the first impressions you leave on your guests. Being from the Sikh faith, your religious beliefs must also be reflected in the card, even if you want to incorporate modern elements. 

What are some of the things you can include in a Sikh Wedding Invitation Cards?

1. Include excerpts from the holy book Guru Granth Sahib

Despite being written in English, many Punjabi wordings are incorporated in Sikh wedding invitation cards, including the religious verses from the sacred text. It reflects the couple’s closeness and respect for their tradition and religious faith. These excerpts above love, marriage, and the bond can always be used in the wedding cards and written in a bolder ink or font to make them stand out. These are often the first wordings that Sikhs include in their Sikh wedding invitation cards and end with a personal note for all the guests invited to the wedding.  

2. Include a symbol

You can incorporate a symbol reminiscent of Sikhism or a character that has gained much respect and popularity in the faith. Usually, you will find the signs of Onkar or Kandha on these Sikh wedding invitation cards. But other characters can also be included while you are designing your wedding card. This symbol’s inclusion shows the importance you give to your religious faith while also accepting its upper hand when it comes to making matrimonial ties. You don’t have to worry about whether these symbols will destroy the look of your card. You can subtly add them at the topmost corners or right at the bottom without letting them take a lot of space, yet keeping them in prominence

3. Give importance to colours

Why incorporate the Sikh colors only while dressing up or for the turbans? You can combine these bright and bold colors even in your Sikh wedding invitation cards, making it look radiate with grandeur. Along with the Sikh shades of blue and orange, Sikhs also give importance to colors like yellow, golden, and white. Usually, yellow is used the most for auspicious ceremonies as it denotes harmony, prosperity, and sanctity. Hence, when used on the Sikh wedding invitation cards, they reflect cultural values too. You can use different hues of these colors and make them bold and colorful. You can use golden for writing your fonts while keeping the other colors like blue and white for the background. 

4. Simplistic Floral Designs

Usually, Sikhs prefer artwork on two sides but include simple floral designs or other artistic designs. Flowers are also crucial in the Sikh tradition, just like in many other religious communities. Be it indicating radiant energy for the couple or beauty, strength, and wisdom – including floral patterns have significance for most Indian weddings. You can include subtle floral patterns or both sides to follow the traditional Sikh style for your Sikh wedding invitation cards, or you can use them for borders or the background to make the wordings and fonts stand out. 

5. Personalised Messages

The community puts a lot of emphasis on the emotions, and reflecting them in the card often makes the Sikh wedding invitation cards stand out. All you need to do is include some personalized quotes that you resonate with for your audience or some emotional messages to give it a more personal touch. These messages reach the guests directly and strike the chord of the hearts so that they feel included in the whole celebration. Hence, ensure that you have these messages to make your card stand out. It can be as simple as including two small lines. Apart from helping you connect with your guests, it will also make your personality shine through those words, making the Sikh wedding invitation card reflecting you and your marriage solely.

6. Design Structures

Usually, the whole design structure is straightforward and not flashy. The traditional way is to use artistic works on the sides, giving all importance to the preliminary information provided inside. While designing your own Sikh wedding invitation card, you can also take a modern approach and make a shift from the traditional design. You can include caricatures or digital illustrations of the couple right at the center to give it a different style and go forward with a new approach. Usually, these work the best for online wedding invitation cards to add a peppy aspect to the cards. While following the traditional design approaches and card structures, do not forget to maintain your identity and personality when card making. Ensure that the card speaks for you and your partner primarily and then reflects your faith subtly. 

If you have already started your wedding preparations and still don’t know how to make online wedding invitation cards in these changing times, you can get in touch with Invitemart. Not only will you come across loads and loads of samples, but you will also find templates specific only for your faith. You can customize the cards and also use the existing samples. 

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