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Wedding Caricature Invitation

Long gone are the days when only traditions and archaic rituals marked the sanctity of wedding ceremonies. Trends are rapidly changing, and young couples are now resorting to jesting ways of celebrating their big day. A prevalent practice has been the co-option of caricature invitation cards to invite the guests and leave them in splits. It is always advisable to sprinkle some quirky elements in your wedding function, and an unconventional invite is the best tactic to do so.

How to prepare a caricature Invitation Card?

A caricature is a pictorial depiction of a person wherein their striking characteristics are exaggerated to create a comical and amusing effect. If you are looking for some frolicking ideas to invite your loved ones, opting for our caricature wedding cards is the optimal way to create quite the buzz among your guest list. They are customized to match the unique characteristics of the bride and groom and create a highly personalized effect. Our Save the Date Caricature Invitation is an outstanding choice for couples looking for something atypical and interesting.

Pick from a Select Miscellany of Caricature Wedding Invites

We at Invitemart are aware that beginning a new story with your life partner is a daunting and exciting journey. So, make sure that your marriage invitation is compatible with the rousing vibes of your big day by opting for a caricature wedding card. If personalization is your soft spot, then they are ‘the’ perfect option for you as our caricature wedding invitation card maker is an ultimate deal-breaker when it comes to curating unique designs.

Pique the curiosity of your guest list by sending out Invitemart’s eccentric and remarkable caricature wedding cards.