Embarking on a New Chapter: 25th Wedding Anniversary Quotes in Marathi


As the clock ticks away another year, marking a quarter-century of togetherness, the celebration of a 25th wedding anniversary holds profound significance. It symbolizes resilience, enduring love, and the beautiful journey a couple embarks upon hand in hand. To articulate the depth of emotions felt on this remarkable occasion, what better way than to express them in the rich and poetic language of Marathi? These carefully chosen Marathi wedding anniversary quotes serve as a tribute to the enduring love that has withstood the tests of time. As we commemorate this silver milestone, let these words become a timeless testament to the unwavering bond and cherished moments that have defined your journey together. To make this celebration even more special, consider setting the tone with a beautifully crafted 25th anniversary invitation card, encapsulating the essence of your enduring love story.

Quotes in Marathi

1) आपल्या संबंधातलं सुंदरता, सदींच्या सुंदर स्त्रोतांत उजळलं आहे. 25 व्या विवाह सालगिरहाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!
Translation: The beauty of our relationship shines in the centuries-old streams. Heartfelt wishes on our 25th wedding anniversary!

2) आपलं संबंध सोन्याचं रंग घेतलं आहे, आपल्या आठवणांचं चांगलं गीत सुरू होतं आहे. 25 वर्षांसाठी आपल्याला आभार!
Translation: Our relationship has taken on the color of gold, and our memories play a beautiful melody. Grateful for 25 years!

3) विवाह सालगिरहाचं हा शत्रू नसतं, तर तो आपलं संबंध आहे, ज्याचं कोणत्याही मूळांचं नसतं. 25 वर्षांचं आभार!
Translation: The anniversary is not an enemy, but a celebration of our relationship, which has no roots. Grateful for 25 years!

4) आपलं प्रेम सदाचं सुसंगत राहो, आपलं विवाह सालगिरह आनंददायी आणि शांतीपूर्ण असो!
Translation: May our love always be harmonious, and may our wedding anniversary be joyful and peaceful!

5) जीवनाचं सागर आपलं संबंध आहे, आणि 25 वर्षांसाठी हे सागर अनगिनत प्रेमाचं पुरंदर घेतलं आहे.
Translation: Life’s ocean is our relationship, and for 25 years, this ocean has been filled with countless waves of love.

6) एकमेकांतर आपलं प्रेम व्यक्त करणारं आणि सामूहिक धन्यवाद सांगणारं आपलं 25 व्या विवाह सालगिरहाचं हे शुभारंभ!
Translation: Expressing our love for each other and collectively giving thanks as we begin our 25th wedding anniversary!

7) सोन्याचं विवाह, सोन्याचं जीवन – आपलं विवाह सालगिरह हे सोनेरी यात्रा असो!
Translation: A golden marriage, a golden life – may our wedding anniversary be a journey of gold!

8) जीवनातलं सर्व क्षण सुंदर होतं, परंतु 25 वर्षांनंतर हे सुंदरतेचं उत्कृष्ट संदर्भ आहे. आपलं विवाह सालगिरह!
Translation: Every moment in life is beautiful, but after 25 years, this beauty is an excellent reference point. Happy anniversary!

9) आपलं विवाह सालगिरह आपलं वजनसाठी किंचलं आहे, आणि आपलं प्रेम व्यापक आहे आणि अनंत.
Translation: Our wedding anniversary is a milestone, and our love is expansive and infinite.

10) आपलं विवाह सालगिरह एक नवा प्रारंभ आहे, एक नवा अध्याय आहे. 25 वर्षांचं हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!
Translation: Our wedding anniversary is a new beginning, a new chapter. Heartfelt wishes for 25 years!


As we conclude this celebration of 25 years of love, partnership, and cherished memories, let the echoes of these Marathi wedding anniversary quotes linger in the air, symbolizing the enduring bond that has stood the test of time. The journey of marriage is a tapestry woven with threads of joy, challenges, and unwavering commitment. The 25th wedding anniversary marks not just a milestone but a testament to the strength and resilience of the relationship.

May the coming years continue to be adorned with moments of laughter, shared dreams, and the warmth of companionship. The celebration of this silver jubilee is not just about the past but a promise for a future filled with more adventures and shared triumphs.

As you continue to navigate the beautiful journey of marriage, may the love that has blossomed over these 25 years continue to flourish, making each day more special than the last. Here’s to the couple who has weathered storms together and emerged stronger—may your love story continue to inspire and shine brightly for years to come. Happy 25th wedding anniversary!