6 Tips for your Christian Wedding Invitation Cards
6 Tips for your Christian Wedding Invitation Cards

One of the gorgeous kinds of weddings that you can think of. To think of Christian marriage – you are bound to imagine a girl dressed in this white flowy gown walking down the aisle in the church with floral decorations and being followed by cute little girls who have their hands filled with baskets of flowers. But just like any other culture in India, Christian weddings have several essential and pertinent rituals too. 

Christian wedding invitation cards are no different than wedding invitation cards of other communities when it comes to wedding invitation cards. Yet, the most modern form of invitation cards and the most simplistic ones echo the core Christian ideals and thought processes. To reflect some of the Christmas ideals you and your partner share, you can design your wedding invitation card accordingly. 

What are some of the things you can look into while designing a Christian Wedding Invitation Card?

1. Add a Bible Excerpt

As faith happens to be one of the most vital parts of being a Christian and has a powerful influence and role in any Christian’s wedding, you can start your auspicious journey by showcasing your faith on your Christian wedding invitation card. If you’re wondering how to show your dedication on a wedding invitation card, you can add a Bible excerpt. There are so many verses full of meaning associated with beckoning on a journey, love, marriage, unity and several others from which you can choose an excerpt. You can even select an excerpt that you relate to the most or happens to be your favourite verse in the Bible and accordingly coordinate the wedding theme with it. You can use this excerpt as a header on the top of your Christian wedding invitation cards. You can contrast it with the background and use a bolder font to make it stand out.

2. Add a tinge of blue

Blue happens to be a magnificent color when used in your wedding invitation cards. Using royal blue with golden or white can be seen in most of the recent and modern cards. Yet, adding a tinge of blue also has a Christian connotation to it. As a Christian, you must believe in wearing or adding the color blue to your wedding as it is said to ward off evil spirits and make the day holy and auspicious. Instead of incorporating the blue color in just your wedding day, what can be better than combining it right from the start on your Christian wedding invitation cards itself? Neither do you have to worry about whether blue will look bland on your card as it is one of those colors that reflects the grandeur

3.Use Pastels or White

As white happens to be the color of purity and virtue in Christian terms, and the whitest forms of hues happen to be the best ones, you can reflect it on your cards and not just via your wedding gown! With the small girls wearing pastels, the sense of calmness is evoked as our eyes feel more relaxed by these hues. You can add these peaceful and soft tones or just a lot of white on your Christian wedding invitation cards. To stand out, you can add fonts lettered in gold and make the cards look royal. These little color choices can also reflect your Christian values and showcase how faith while making the card exemplifies beauty and a fresh start for your life.

4. Include Floral Designs

It is not unknown to us that flowers play a crucial role in all wedding celebrations. Similarly, for Christians, too, flowers hold a lot of significance. The white roses indicate purity, strength, and true love or stephanotises that show marital happiness. These flowers have some meaning associated with love, power, Goodluck for the Christian community by and large. Hence, making use of flowers in cards will also be reflective of your faith. Additionally, who doesn’t love floral designs? We all love floral arrangements, be it a watercolor design or a modern floral design. The flexibility these floral designs offer is tremendous. You can use them for your backgrounds, keep them for borders, or make them the centrepiece in your Christian wedding invitation cards. 

5. Add Symbols

Although you will see Christian symbols everywhere throughout your wedding and even in your engagement cards, it is entirely optional for you whether you want to incorporate more characters in your Christian wedding invitation cards. You can include symbols of doves, church signs, rosaries, holy cross, angels, wedding rings, and several others if it is a yes. Usually, you will notice the cross symbol used by and large as this is the most prominent symbol for all Christians. You can include your logo subtly in your wedding invitation card without making it the only limelight but by blending it with all the other elements of the wedding invitation card

6. Give importance to the theme of your wedding

If you are an Indian Christian from Kerala, you will likely wear a white saree for your wedding instead of the English gown from western traditions. Ensure that you align your Christian wedding invitation cards with your wedding instead of inclining towards the traditional western inclination. So before you dive into designing a wedding card, you must keep in mind the theme of your wedding and reflect that on your wedding invitation cards, as they should primarily speak of your personality first. 

You can go through several designs, samples and templates before you choose one. You can also customize your Christian wedding invitation cards and add elements of what you like. We at Invitemart provide you with a diverse range of designs for marriages from different religious backgrounds. Hence, if you want to explore the best options, let us help you out with it! 

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